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A Big Thanks to Jon on the Carpe TDM forum:-

General Sources of Info:- ZX7-R and ZXR750 forum Patrick Burns' guide to FCRs Great resource for FCR-MX carbs with lots of strip down pictures interesting products for upgrading small two or four stroke engines with EFi and Turbocharging

Viton Seals from Litetek , we can supply these seals as part of our service. Rick Oliver has a large catalogue of goodies for Grey Bike that also has some crossover for other models including HRC parts and Caliper mounting kits:-

Carb & Tuning Parts:- Steve at Motocarb is very helpful if you want FCR parts........... ......and so are these chaps Online shop with PayPal for some FCR parts and also bits for other types of carb Good alround source of performance parts & services Excellent service based in near Manchester, reasonable minimum pricing.

Business Directories:-

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