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Late Victorian Joyce of Whitchurch 12In the workshop today we have just completed a very different job from our normal business. A short time ago we were approached about cleaning clocks and similar antique mechanisms, so today we undertook complete dissasembly, ultrasonic cleaning and reassembly of a victorian fusee wall clock mechanism....
Besides clsssic superbikes, founder Matt's other interests include clock restoration and he is no stranger to such a task. Despite many evident bodged repairs such as staking around the pivots, the clock needed no more than reassembly and oiling to run very well and the owner has decided to keep the clock as it is, this way it has a very nice story to tell in it's own distressed way.

Kawasaki Race Kit Needles and Emulsion Tubes

We now have some interesting parts available on our for sale page Including some ZX7-RR race kit carburettor setting parts and details of a set of 41mm FCRs we hope to offer once spacing parts have been received.

Here we go....

Welcome, this is my first post of what I hope will be many, my name is Matt and I am the founder of Harper's Ultrasonic Cleaning.
In the workshop this week I have dismantled one of my own bikes ('94 ZXR750R) and cleaned the FCRs that were fitted, they are 18 years old and had done approximately 26,000 miles, but have come up really well. I can't wait to get them back on, but I need to finish off the rest of the bike first.
What started out as a small repair and clean up has expanded as these things do, the frame has been to GIA where Gavin did a great job of repairing a bodged Rivnut hole by the headstock. Next The frame will be powdercoated in high-gloss black by Wilkinsons who are near to the workshop.
Recent cleaning jobs through the workshop included carbs for a TS185ERX, ZX9-R B1 and a second set of FCRs destined for our For Sale page which should be up as soon as I finish rebuilding them.
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