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A Big Thanks to Jon on the Carpe TDM forum:-
General Sources of Info:-
http://www.redmonkey.com/7r/ ZX7-R and ZXR750 forum
http://patrick.my.cape.com/brm/carbkei.htm Patrick Burns' guide to FCRs
http://www.pbase.com/jdjetting1/keihin_fcr_manual_views&page=1 Great resource for FCR-MX carbs with lots of strip down pictures

http://www.ecotrons.com/Very interesting products for upgrading small two or four stroke engines with EFi and Turbocharging
Parts Suppliers:-
Viton Seals from Litetekhttp://litetek.co/index.html , we can supply these seals as part of our service.
ricknc30@gmail.com Rick Oliver has a large catalogue of goodies for Grey Bike that also has some crossover for other models including HRC parts and Caliper mounting kits:- http://www.400greybike.com/files/new%20stocklist.doc
Carb & Tuning Parts:-
http://www.motocarb.co.uk/ Steve at Motocarb is very helpful if you want FCR parts...........
http://www.allensperformance.co.uk/ ......and so are these chaps
http://www.brspecialtuning.co.uk/ Online shop with PayPal for some FCR parts and also bits for other types of carb
http://www.bdkraceeng.co.uk/ Good alround source of performance parts & services
http://www.anodising.com/ Excellent service based in near Manchester, reasonable minimum pricing.
Business Directories:-